IET is SMRE’s electric mobility technology Business Unit. The Company has a long-lasting experience, a specific know-how and a vision entailing a constant search for new opportunities that can create an actual added value for its partners.

IET’s competitive advantage is the ability of its group of highly specialized engineers to design custom-made Powertrains equipped with gearbox, engine, battery, BMS, software and accessories, and to create innovative and highly performing solutions.

Our expertise, deriving from our unceasing work in the Electric Automotive Industry sector, enables us to take over complex projects and to follow the process in its every single phase starting from the design, to the development to the production of prototypes.

IET’s heart is the R&D Department, its aim is to put the current technologies to the test, to set higher quality standards and to offer something different from what is currently available on the market.

A relentless research that instills trust in our customers and partners and generates products with unique features.

A global technical offer for whoever needs an electric mobility solution, with a strong Made in Italy connotation: every single component of IET’s powertrains is designed, developed, tested and built in the main production facility in Umbertide (Perugia), so are the electronic components, the accessories, and the software programs.

We are specialized in

iet e kit


Development of software and electronics for electric power trains.


Development and production of electric or hybrid power trains with patented IET, MRT and Hi-Perm-Mag technology.


Transformation of vehicles with traditional combustion engine into electric or hybrid vehicles.

To offer an electric alternative for the mobility industry, in the name of technological research and high-level performance. Solutions aimed to simplify employment and modification of traditional vehicles as well as make electric and hybrid transport a real competitive advantage. Thus, our technological leadership becomes an important resource useful to intercept in advance trends and needs of the branch, offering up to date products and shared value.

IET challenge:

  • Offering a global service in the field of electric vehicles;
  • Making conversion easy and sustainable, minimizing the impact on production lines;
  • Promoting high-level research and development, being a technological point of reference;
  • Working synergically, offering innovative and convenient solutions to the partners;
  • Processing and creating eco-friendly products paying specific attention to environmental impact.

To promote the development and adoption of electric mobility systems, constantly improving technologies and performance.

A wish aimed to:

  • Share a greater consciousness about electric vehicles ;
  • Guarantee solutions that maximize the benefits of electricity, able to be resource and competitive advantage in the market;
  • Produce in full compliance with the need of customers, high-quality standard, essence of electric mobility and enviroment.

IET present and future is guided by respect for fundamental values

  • Change: creating future technologies to be reference point and game changer;
  • Quality: the purpose of our activities, that marks our production;
  • Honesty: in human and business relationships;
  • Respect: for undertaken commitments with customers, partners and coworkers, following every project with professionalism and reliability;
  • Responsibility: it concerns all IET aspects: respect towards all stakeholders, with particular attention to environmental impact.

IET Research and Development Center takes employed technologies to the limit and constantly offers superior qualitative standards.
A continuous research allows us to be the point of reference and support for customers and partners as well as make exclusive and patented products.
A complete and all-round offer oriented to those who need electric mobility solutions.
All single parts of IET powertrains are totally made in Italy: they are designed, tested and created in the headquarters in Umertide (Perugia), as well as electronic pieces, accessories and softwares.


SMRE was founded in 1999 by Samuele Mazzini, currently majority shareholder and CEO, after extensive experience in the design and development of high-tech industrial machinery.

Industrial solutions that are developed with the specific intention of providing a technological response to the operational and productive needs of our customers, based on a global manufacturing philosophy. It is a mission that, over seventeen years, has resulted in the installation of more than 1000 machines in 40 countries on 6 continents.

To the development of global manufacturing solutions, in which automation plays a central role, in 2000 we added the first studies of electric mobility, a technology at that time still in its infancy. Ten years of intensive research have then led to the development of unique technological solutions for electric mobility, a perfect combination of innovation and manufacturing techniques.

SMRE has grown continuously and, in 2015, was introduced to the financial market for listing on AIM Italy, effective as of Wednesday, 20 April 2016.

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