Development of dedicated software and electronics systems for electric mobility.


IET has a business unit entirely dedicated to the development of software and electronics. The unit consists of 6 engineers highly specialized in the following fields:

Development of Management software

Development of management software for electric power trains with CAN bus interface. The software developed by S.M.R.E. Electronics can manage and interface with any electric device and can be configured according the specific request of our customers.

Battery Management System

BMS systems manage rechargeable battery packs, monitor the state of the pack, protect the batteries from operating outside its Safe Operating Area, calculate and report secondary data, control the battery environment, authenticate it and balance it.


E.g. Sound box. It enables the driver to choose from a wide range of combustion engine sounds and emulates the sound of the selected engine. The synthesized sound effectively improves the vehicle driver feeling and reduces the likelihood of vehicle crashes.

Our Solutions

IET electronic systems respect high quality standard of performance and safety