Hi-PERMAG DFT – Powertrain with selflocking differential

13kW (16hp) Peak Power

  • Integrated System
  • Low Weight and Small Size
  • High Power density
  • Best Efficiency in any Conditions
  • One system for three Auxiliary Service
  • Suitable for light and recreational vehicles


Powertrain with selflocking differential


This project is born from the will of using e-motors for recreational products.

After the development of the Hi-perm-Mag series, the Idea was to couple a transmission to it.

The transmission consists in a system with selflocking differential engaged using fixed gears installed in a specially designed aluminum housings.

The transmission gears have ground teeth and have been treated to lower noise emissions and increase system efficiency. Since the frame connection system is universal, the Hi-Perm-Mag DFT is also suitable for retrofitting vehicles already in circulation and with different motorizations.

The auto-locking differential is equipped with increased gears and with the recovery of wear system that guarantee a long life.

The differential above mentioned has been developed by IET to permit swift maneuvering at low speeds with an increase in grip during cornering:

  • Better drive in curve;
  • Better torque/speed curve;
  • Swift manoeuvring at low speed;
  • Consumption optimization.
Voltage: 48Vdc
Equipment: Hi-Perm-Mag Motor coupled with IET
Limited Slip Differential
Electric Motor: 3 phases Permanent magnet brushless motor AC (PMAC)
Peak Power: 13kW (16hp)
Peak Motor Torque: 46Nm from 0 up to 2.800 rpm @48Vdc
Peak Wheel Torque: 205Nm
Speed: 3.000rpm average – 6.000rpm peak @48Vdc
Peak Stator Current: 350Arms
Mechanical differential: IET oil immersion limited splip differential
Mechanical Reduction: Z18/Z81
Weight: ≤20kg
Lubrificant: 85W140 oil 0,2 litres
Cooling: Air
Efficiency: >90% 48Vdc
Temperature Probe: Integrated with the motor
Peak Operating: 130°C
Operating Temperatures: -20°C/+50°C
Protection Level: IP66