Multiple motors

Extremely compact

High torque at low Voltages

100% Developed and constructed in Italy

The MRT™ Power Trains are suitable for applications with extremely high power and torque at low and medium Voltages. MRT™ systems combine multiple motors of the Hi-Perm-Mag series developed by IET to create a power train that offers very high performance but, at the same time, is extremely compact. The fact that multiple motors are connected to a single transmission and the specifically developed, highly sophisticated electronics to manage the system, allow the vehicle to maintain the system’s efficiency at an extremely high level, while guaranteeing an extended autonomy in use of the vehicle.
The MRT™ Power trains are 100% developed and constructed in Italy at IET head quarters in Umbertide.

MRT™ technology is invented and patented by IET S.p.A.


Electrification kit for mini-truck ISUZU L35