Opto-isolated input, outputs and firmware fully customized

Manages synchronous and asynchronous motors

High performance with a reduced footprint

100% Developed and constructed in Italy

Controller of the Voltmaxx™ series were developed by IET for automotive applications. The numerous opto-isolated input and outputs can be fully customized, and so can the 3 DC outputs that feed the external devices. The opto-isolated double CAN line enables a simple and efficient interface with any type of vehicle. Firmware can be custom made according to the specific requirements of the customer, so that multiple electronic devices, which would otherwise be necessary, can be eliminated. Voltmaxx™ ensures extremely high performances but has a very reduced footprint.

Voltmaxx™ is able to manage synchronous and asynchronous motors through Field Oriented Control (FOC) with Space vector Modulation (SVM) which significantly optimizes the performance of the electric motor while diminishing the loss of efficiency of the controller and electric motor.