For all vehicles or applications without limitations, motorcycles, scooters,
city cars, mini cars, recreational vehicles such as karts and ATVs, large vehicles
such as trucks or vehicles for public transport.

IET Powertrain Plus

IET has a business unit dedicated to development and construction of electric powertrains. The team consist of highly skilled engineers with long standing experience in electric motion development. Having worked with and designed for major manufacturers in the (electric) automotive industry our engineers are skilled in:

Development and Customization

We are able to design, develop and create prototypes, produce full customized electric powertrains with gear box, motor, battery pack.

Multiple solution, One Company

Power trains can be developed for all vehicles or applications without limitations. All individual components of the electric powertrains are designed, developed, tested and built in the IET head quarters in Umbertide.

High Performance


We are able to project and produce High-Performance total electric or Hybrid powertrain system for electric motion.

Our Solutions

The IET business unit dedicated to development and production of the IET™ and MRT™ powertrains is ISO 9001:2008 certified (Swiss Certification SCE Sm 105).