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One-stop-shop for electric and hybrid vehicles

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Bringing over 20 years of experience and expertise in the Electric Automotive Industry, IET is a leading innovator of uniquely integrated and modular powertrain solutions for the electric vehicles (EV) market.

IET takes on complex projects at every stage; from design, to development, right through to the production of prototypes. Its seamlessly integrated powertrains are designed, developed, tested and assembled at IET’s main production facility in Perugia, Italy.


One-stop-shop for electric and hybrid vehicles
IET understands that in the design of powertrains, integration and modularity are major barriers to manufacturing speed and efficiency, as well as go-to-market success.

Its one-stop-shop, world class e-mobility solutions are developed by highly specialized engineers who design modular powertrains equipped with the gearbox, high efficiency motors, battery packs, BMS, software and accessories.

With ready-to-go solutions that have already been adopted by leading car manufacturers around the world, IET’s compact design of the electrical sy¬stem and its perfectly compatible components, provide high power density, maximum efficiency and guarantee high performance in on and off-highway applications for emission-free driving.

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IET is a SolarEdge company (NASDAQ: SEDG). SolarEdge is a global market leader in smart energy technologies for the solar industry.

Our customers benefit from the vast R&D resources, operational excellence, and global reach that SolarEdge offers.

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IET’s heart is the R&D Department, its aim is to put the current technologies to the test, to set higher quality standards and to offer something different from what is currently available on the market.