IET’ s Lithium-ion Battery Module, is composed by 224 super high rate 18650 cylindrical battery cells, with a proprietary design and high efficient BMS (Battery Management System) developed by IET’s internal unit design, which guarantee the highest level of cells safety.

The high performing electrical parameters release super high power up to 3C (3x nominal capacity discharge) and the self-developed structure has high performance even under low temperature (-20°C).
This Battery Module has been designed for several application such as Recreational, Karting, Automotive, Ride Attractions/Parks, Material Handling, Industrial, etc.


  • Basic Modules with Aluminum body
  • Optimal Thermal management
  • Connections and structures IP67
  • Different cells for different applications
  • Easy to expand and assembly, based on customer requirements
  • Integrated Battery Management System
  • Main Contactor and fuse for each pack
  • Software and Hardware voltage and current protection


+  High performance
+  High efficiency
+  High specific power
+  High thermal management

–  Less space and weight
–  Less power losses
–  Less maintenance

Code: BPLI-24019 BPLI-24023 BPLI-24029 BPLI-48019 BPLI-48023
Battery type: NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) 18650 cilindric CELLS
Nominal voltage: 25,2 Vdc nominal 25,2 Vdc nominal 25,2 Vdc nominal 50,4 Vdc nominal 50,4 Vdc nominal
Nominal capacity: 77 Ah 91 Ah 119 Ah 77 Ah 91 Ah
Nominal Energy: 1940 Wh 2300 Wh 2900 Wh 1940 Wh 2300 Wh
Max Discharge Current: 150 A (10 sec) 175 A (10 sec) 230 A (10 sec) 150 A (10 sec) 175 A (10 sec)
Max discharge rate: 3C (0°≤T≤25°C) * not for cycle
Max charge rate: 1C (T≥25°C) * not for cycle
Energy Density: 77,4 Wh/kg 92 Wh/kg 77,4 Wh/kg 77,4 Wh/kg 92 Wh/kg
Communication: 1 x can 2.0b 1 x can 2.0b 1 x can 2.0b 1 x can 2.0b 1 x can 2.0b
Charging temperature: 0°≤T≤45°C 0°≤T≤45°C 0°≤T≤45°C 0°≤T≤45°C 0°≤T≤45°C
Discharging temperature: 20°≤T≤60°C 20°≤T≤60°C 20°≤T≤60°C 20°≤T≤60°C 20°≤T≤60°C
Connectors: IP67
Protection Level (IP): Separate for signal and power wiring
Weight: 25kg 25kg 39kg 25kg 25kg
Dimension: 396 x 207 x 240 mm
Battery Pack Cycle Life: 2000 cycles (1C/1C) with not less than 60% of initial capacity preserved