Battery management system

Battery Management System (BMS) board, has been designed to safely and reliably manage several chemistry lithium ion cells battery packs.
The hardware design has been conceived to have a flexible solution that can be applied to different packs architectures with variable cells number and operating conditions.

Up to 30 cells can be managed and monitored, with parameterized voltage and temperature threshold. Different lithium ion cells chemistry can be used by tweaking related parameters. Provided with protected contactor drive circuits and a on board cap charger, the battery pack load can be safely operated.


The BMS protect each single lithium element from any possible abuse, or by overvoltage, under voltage, overcurrent, overtemperature. Self diagnostics capable, it provides a CAN port also for share information with the powertrain, the dashboard or a battery cluster manager.


+  High performance
+  High efficiency
+  High specific power
+  High thermal management

–  Less space and weight
–  Less power losses
–  Less maintenance

Code: BMS-LP–030
Type of balancing: Passive balancing
N° of cells: Maximum 30 cells connected in series
Temperature management: Up to 10 temperature PTC sensors for battery pack,
Maximum balancing current: Up to 500mA
Current sensor: Hall sensor
Protections: Firmware and hardware monitoring of voltages, temperatures and currents
Output: 24Vdc – 4A max for line contactor management
Communication: CANbus communication
Operating voltage: External power supply 8-32Vdc
Electrical insulation: Minimum insulation resistance 15 kΩ between high and low voltage
Operating temperature: -40°C / +85°C
Internal Data Collection and Storage: Through an embedded RTC and a big size non volatile memory, it logs any abuse event and trace the complete story of the pack.