Motor with Gearbox and
Differential ALL-IN-ONE

The Hi-Perm-MagTM electric motors series is particularly suitable for applications at low and medium voltages, which require high performance in reduced space and weight.

This type of synchronous motor, ensures a very high efficiency and high specific power, providing high reliability in any condition of use. The 3 different sizes, combined with the possibility to realize different windings, allows IET to have an innumerable number of combinations to install the correct engine in every application. The Hi-Perm-Mag engine can be air or liquid-cooled, depending on the application and customer’s request.


Motor: Permanent magnet brushless motor AC (PMAC) 3 phases – Hi-Perm-Mag series
Feedback Sensors: Encoder: Absolute Sine/Cosine, 5Vdc Supply, 1 Cycle/Shaft Revolution
Stator Thermistor: KTY 84/130 Silicone PTC Thermistor (1kΩ ±30Ω @100°C). +150°C Rated
Current: Max stator current 350Arms/495Apeak
Motor Speed: Nominal motor speed 3000rpm @48Vdc
Electrical Isolation: Insulation resistance between current terminals and case shall be 15kΩ minimum reference FMVSS 305, SAE J1776, IEC 479, IEC 61140.
I/O Connectors: Encoder: Deutsch DTM04-6P-E005
Pin #1: GND, Pin #2: Vcc, Pin #3: Sine, Pin #4: Cosine, Pin #5: Shield, Pin #6: NC
Thermistor: Deutsch DTM04-2P-E005
Wiring: Pin #1: KTY +, Pin #2: KTY –
All cable material compliant to ISO-6722
Workmanship to IPC-A-620, class 3; minimum crimp pull-out force per SAE-AS-7928
Code: TR-01603-A048
Peak Power: 15kW peak @48Vdc/≤450Arms/≤634Apeak
Continous Power: 4kW continuous @48Vdc
Torque: 49.5Nm peak – 16.5Nm nominal
Rpm: 3.000 rpm nominal @48Vdc
Weight: ≤19kg
Cooling: Air cooled
Efficiency: ≥92%
Environmental Rating (IP): IP67