Motorgear 6 speed


In 2012 IET designed a powertrain for the bike, that dramatically increasing its performance, speed and autonomy.

The 2014 Empulse is an evolution of the highly acclaimed, award winning Empulse. With its unique water cooled Hi-Perm-Mag motor developed by IET, six speed IET™ gearbox and integrated J1772 rapid charging, the Empulse is the market leader in the category.
A top speed of 110mph (177 km/h) and a 3 kW onboard charger means the Brammo Empulse retains its crown as the world’s fastest electric motorcycle in serial production both riding and charging. The 2014 Empulse embodies many new and improved components making it an EV technology tour de force.


With the ground-breaking IET integrated 6-speed transmission, the motorbike is able to translate its 90 Nm (66 lb-ft) of electric motor torque to over 880Nm (650 ft-lbs) at the rear wheel in first gear. The Hi-Perm-Mag motor integrated in the IET™ powertrain gives the bike an acceleration from 0 – 100 km/h in 5,5 seconds, enough forward thrust to relegate direct-drive competitors to the rear view mirrors and compel the motorcycling press to compare the substantial performance to that of 650cc twin class motorcycles.

Of course performance isn’t everything, and so the motorbike also boasts an impressive 438 MPGe (MPG electric equivalency) (0.54 litre/100km-e) fuel economy, making the motorbike a smart move from a cost of ownership perspective as one of the cheapest motorcycles on the planet to refuel.


+  Range of products
+  High specific power
+  High thermal management
+  High torque

–  Less space and weight
–  Less power losses
–  Less maintenance

Code: IET-02102-W48-6 IET-02102-W96-6
Power: 23kW Peak (Output Shaft)/≤550Arms, 15kW+
Continuous (Output Shaft)/≤260Arms
50kW Peak (Output Shaft)/≤550Arms, 30kW+
Continuous (Output Shaft)/≤320Arms
Electric motor speed: Nominal 4.000rpm, maximum 5.300rpm Nominal 7.500rpm, maximum 8500rpm
Gear Ratios: 6-Speeds, Manually shifted via Foot Pedal 1st: 14T/30T, 2nd: 16T28T, 3rd: 20T/29T, 4th: 22T/27T, 5th: 24T/25T, 6th: 20T/19T, Drive Sprocket: 12T or 14T ISO520
Clutch: Lubricated (Wet) Clutch Operated via Hydraulic Slave Cylinder
Mass: ≤31kg (Dry)
Coolant: 50% aqueous Ethylene Glycol (OAT), Max. Pressure Drop: 0.15 bar @11.5 rpm, Max Pressure Coolant Circuit: 1.4 bar
Oil: SAE 10W40 100% Syntetic Motor Oil, Wet-Clutch Approved, API GL-1, Q.ty 1.0 liter.
Thermal: Max Coolant Temperature: 90°C. Allowable Stator Temperature: 130°C
Max. Allowable Oil Temperature: 120°C Max.
Life: Manufacturer Recommended Initial Oil Change Interval: 600 miles (966 km),
Manufacturer Recommended Oil Change Interval: Every 5000 miles (8047km)
Gearbox Efficiency: ≥90% @ 23kW ≥88% @ 40kW
Environmental Rating: IP67
Fittings: ¾” Barbed Hose Fittings, Strainght (0°) and 90°
Additional Features: Hydraulic Slave Cylinder (DOT4 Compatible), ISO520 Chain Compatible