Auxiliary Power Unit Motor and Controller, ALL-IN-ONE

The auxiliary power units ensure electric energy supplying when the vehicle engine is off, IET is Auxiliary power generators ensure a reliable power supply for the electrical systems in the vehicles while also saving on fuel.

Auxiliary power units provide commercial vehicles and mobile platforms with electrical energy that is tailored to the individual on-board system or electrical consumers such as drives.


Our auxiliary power unit, also known as the auxiliary power unit or APU, is a robust and compact combination of PMA electric motor, clutches and services. It converts electric power based on-board hydraulic or pneumatic system requirements.

The auxiliary power units assumes responsibility for the power supply independently of the vehicle’s main engine. On combustion engine vehicle, this enables to save on fuel, as the main engine does not need to be running constantly in order to operate your on-board systems.

The differential above mentioned has been developed by IET to permit swift maneuvering at low speeds with an increase in grip during cornering:

  • Better drive in curve
  • Better torque/speed curve
  • Swift maneuvering at low speed
  • Consumption optimization
Code: TR-AUX3040-A096 TR-AUX3020-A096 TR-AUX2020-A096
Motor: THREE phases Permanent magnet brushless motor AC
MotorGear Power: 40kW peak @103,6Vdc/≤450Arms /≤634Apeak 23kW peak @103,6Vdc/≤260Arms /≤366Apeak 223kW peak @103,6Vdc/≤260Arms /≤366Apeak
Continuous power: 20kW (15 minutes) @96Vdc 8kW (15 minutes) @96Vdc 8kW (15 minutes) @96Vdc
Motor Rpm Nominal @100Vdc: 6.500 rpm 4.500 rpm 4.500 rpm
Motor Torque: 63Nm peak, 31Nm nominal 49Nm peak, 16,5Nm nominal 49Nm peak, 16,5Nm nominal
Mass: ≤50kg ≤30kg ≤25kg
Coolant: Liquid cooled (50% water, 50% Glycol) Air cooled Air cooled
Thermal: Max Coolant Temperature: 90°C. Allowable Stator Temperature: 130°C Max.
Efficiency: ≥90% @ 40kW ≥90% @ 23kW ≥90% @ 23kW
Environmental Rating: IP67
Controller: VM-96-W-550 VM-96-W-350 VM-96-W-350
Contactor: YES YES YES
Connection: Nickel Plate Copper Busbar Nickel Plate Copper Busbar Nickel Plate Copper Busbar
Communication: Isolated CANOpen Isolated CANOpen Isolated CANOpen
Nr of Auxiliary that can be installed: 3 3 2