Motor and Controller ALL-IN-ONE

Starting from the idea of reaching solutions always more effective and performing, looking back to its history and the MRT’s project, IET has reached the top level by developing a fully integrated platform called INTEGRALE.

This is the integration between an Hi-perm-Mag motor and a VoltmaxX inverter. From that moment the company history is changed.


The new solution appeared, immediately, cheaper, lighter and more performing than before. An upgrade of inverter technology made the overall efficiency higher and this feature has generated a lower energy consumption that has increased the range of all vehicles equipped with the new solution.

Beside the integrated solution based on Hi-perm-Mag (PMAC), IET decide to develop, in parallel, an integrated one based on reluctance Electric Motors (SRIPM). This solution allowed to reach more power and torque having a cost effective balance. The above mentioned solutions now are the basic brick of all the integrated platform of the IET‘s product portfolio.


+  High performance
+  High efficiency
+  High specific power
+  High thermal management

–  Less space and weight
–  Less power losses
–  Less maintenance
– Less harness

Code: TR-4021-W96-550
Motor: THREE phases Permanent magnet brushless motor AC
Power: 40kW peak @103,6Vdc/≤450Arms /≤634Apeak
Continuous power: 28kW (15 minutes) @96Vdc
Rpm Nominal @100Vdc: 6.500 rpm
Torque: 63Nm peak, 31Nm nominal
Mass: ≤40kg
Coolant for Motor and Controller: 50% aqueous Ethylene Glycol (OAT), Max. Pressure Drop: 0.15 bar @11.5 lpm, Max Pressure Coolant Circuit: 1.4 bar
Thermal: Max Coolant Temperature: 90°C. Allowable Stator Temperature: 130°C Max
Efficiency: ≥91% @ 40kW
Environmental Rating: IP67
Controller: VM-96-W-550
Contactor: YES
Connection: Nickel plate copper busbar
Communication: Isolated CANOpen (Isolated)