Driving the electrification revolution

with high performing, modular, and seamlessly integrated e-powertrains

Changing the future of urban life with electric mobility

Our world is on its way to becoming cleaner and greener, with profound benefits for us all.
An important driver of this global evolution is the reduction of emissions in our cities, with a broad-reaching increase in the adoption of electric vehicles well underway.
In fact, the adoption of electric vehicles is accelerating so fast that by 2040, 30% of all vehicles are expected to be electric.
IET is proud to help spearhead the electrification revolution and the future of mobility with its comprehensive suiteof integrated e-powertrain solutions that are ready today.

Charge ahead to electromobility leadership

e-Light Commercial Vehicles

Eco-friendlytransportation with high performance and optimized continuous power

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More efficient with less weight, minimized power losses, and reduced maintenance

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For a powerful ride with e-bikes that are easy to install and operate

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Eliminate the integration challenge

With complete & uniquely integrated e-powertrain solutions

400v integrated powertrain solution for e-LCV

Multiple options, same high-performance: choose from 60, 90, 120 kW

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400v extended powertrain solution for e-LCV

For when you want more: includes multiple kW options that includes gearbox and differential

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48v integrated powertrain solution for e-motorcycles

Fully integrated, ready to go: HV e-motor, inverter, gearbox, differential, power electronics, onboard charge

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IET, for the full power of electrification

IET develops and brings to market uniquely integrated powertrain solutions for electric vehicles (EV) that are ready to go.
With over 20 years of industry experience we bring our deep domain expertise and innovative approach to powertrain technology and electronics.
The result is an end-to-end, high-performing, and field-proven suite of solutions that areenabling EV manufacturers to overcome the great multi-componentintegration challenge, while accelerating time-to-market, and bolstering e-mobility leadership.