IET technology is certified in China

IET has received certification for a new battery module for commercial vehicles in accordance with the latest regulations issued by the Chinese government.

This is a significant, eagerly-anticipated step, which has been made possible by the productive partnership between IET and CALB, China Aviation Lithium Battery, the Chinese giant which is one of the principal producers of cells to produce latest generation lithium batteries. CALB’s know-how in producing raw materials has been united with IET technology, which includes all control electronics and management and battery optimisation software, which can increase efficiency and the battery’s user life.

The rapidly-charging battery module produced by CALB with technology and IET components will initially be installed on a 7.3 ton vehicle produced by QINGLING MOTORS COMPANY, that is fitted with the complete powertrain produced by IET, which was certified to work in the Chinese market a few months ago. This includes a lot of components, including the patented MRT2 propulsion system, the VCU and the DC/DC converter, as well of course the electronic control and battery management electronics.

The technology in the Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) can handle quick recharging of batteries up to 70Kwh in line with Chinese standard GB/T 18487:2015 (fast charging). The vehicle can thus be completely recharged in around an hour, meaning that fleets can be more efficiently managed. Official approval for the battery module is the last piece in the picture needed to start production in Asia, a primary market which is strongly expanding.

With this latest step the SMRE group becomes one of the most advanced producers of electric propulsion systems in the world.